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On this page we are going to put links to other bands sites and other sites that we find interesting or fun and we think you might like to visit.  We will also accept large bribes to insert links to commercial organisations.


Jon Amor:

Excellent blues guitarist and chocaholic, Jon plays cricket with Duncan's brother.  He must be a scary bowler since he is nearly eight feet tall.  His latest album with contributions from Robert Plant and Charlie Jones is called "Unknown Soldier".  It has been getting some airplay and is fab!  Show your love at - http://www.jonamor.com/

Other Music Sites

Twinfest: Northampton's annual festival featuring local talent and bands from the twin town of Marburg.  Bushpigs will be playing again at some time over the weekend of 2nd to 4th June.  This link takes you to their basic page but they are now also on myspace (whatever that is) http://www.twinfest.org.uk/

Northamptonbands.co.uk: Hardly needs an introduction - loads of info on local bands, events, gear for sale, you name it.  Essential reading - http://www.northamptonbands.co.uk/pages/home.asp

Portaudio: Live recordings of your band produced with portsable digital recording gear.  Bushpigs gig at Twinfest 2007 was recorded this way and sounds great.  Check out  - http://www.portaudio.co.uk

Left field

Dave Briggs: Brother of Steve Briggs and a Bushpigs 'old boy'.

Dave is now back in the UK having cycled from Northampton to Cape Town. His site still has the tales of his travels for you to read along with other information and some early Bushpigs music - visit him at  http://davestravelpages.com