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Tony Risely (Guitar/Lead Vocals)

Tony is the face of Bushpigs.  Northampton born and bred and a  veteran of such famous local bands as Yellow Umbrella and Marabar Caves, Tony has been a regular sight thrusting his guitar in unsuspecting peoples faces for more than two decades.  Often referred to as "The Amazing Memory Man", Tony is often able to memorise a whole song.  But not that often.

Steve "Botts" Goddard (Drums/Vocals)

If Tony is the face of the band, Steve is it's arse.  Steve anchors the band from behind a selection of drumkits, sweating his 'nads off to give Bushpigs the drive and energy which characterizes their shows.  Also a Northampton lad, Steve was a fellow member of Yellow Umbrella and the Marabar Caves with Tony.  In fact, they have been rarely seperated for the last thirty years. Make of that what you will.

Steve Briggs (Keyboards)

Mr Briggs (pictured above relaxing at home) is the baby of the band (being under the age of forty) and contributes the keyboard melodies which set Bushpigs apart from the average guitar bands.  Steve's connections with Bushpigs go back many years (his brother, Dave - a well known wastrel and drop-out - was the band's first bass player).  Steve combines playing the "Joanna" with playing rugby.  He regularly gigs with broken fingers which neatly match the broken keys of his much-abused instrument.

Duncan Bisatt (Bass/Vocals)

Duncan is a stranger to these parts having grown up in the leafy rural countryside of Somerset.  Having been turned down for a job with the Wurzels, Duncan emigrated to the "north" and eventually got so bored that he started playing bass guitar.  His short attention span is a regular feature at gigs where he can often be heard going off into wild jazz extemporisations (or, to be more truthful, playing the right notes in the wrong order)

PLUS!   Special Guest: Marcus Briggs

Marcus is our special guest at many shows.  Although still small of size he is big on the talent front and we predict great things for him.